We are on the CRMs you love

A Google Chrome Extension to instantly search if a lead is in your CRM without leaving the page. Add new leads to your CRM with a few clicks. Designed for LinkedIn or any other web page.

Turn any contacts city into a field with their time zone and their current time.

Add a Posthog person’s ID to your CRM automatically via smart attribution. Send any field from Posthog over to your CRM.

Let sales people sell!

Every sales person wastes 100’s of hours yearly doing mundane, non-selling tasks. This is felt across the org, from the salesperson to the VP. The impact does not stop at wasted hours and less sales activity, it’s also CRM hygiene and messy data.

Making sales people more productive has a simple solution: enable your team with the right tools. Cloudshowplace publishes and reviews sales enablement tools to eliminate boring sales tasks, so your team can sell!


Here to help

Our team is here to help in picking the right apps from our suite of sales apps, help you pick the most relevant 3rd party apps and help you make the most out of your CRM. Schedule a 30-min call with us today to get assistance!

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