Cloud Showplace

Site Mission

The mission of the Cloud Computing Showplace is to provide a clearinghouse and designation place that provides…

1. Enterprise decision-makers a free, easy-to-use online directory and repository of valuable information regarding the leading providers of SaaS solutions,

2. Cloud Computing vendors a cost-effective method to increase their industry visibility, and generate quality sales leads.

In order to achieve these objectives, THINKstrategies has created numerous ways for Cloud vendors to enhance their visibility on the Cloud Computing Showplace website. These include premium site placement and whitepaper, webcast/podcast and other links, as well as innovative new mechanisms and roundtables on timely topics.

THINKstrategies welcomes additional sponsorship suggestions beyond those provided below, and is prepared to create custom sponsorship programs that include multiple elements.

Target Audience/Market Penetration

The Cloud Computing Showplace is aimed at three primary audiences…

1. Enterprise decision-makers seeking to identify the leading providers of SaaS solutions by application category

2. Cloud Computing vendors promote their solutions.

3. High-technology investors looking for innovative companies to fund.

In addition, the Showplace helps business and trade press reporters, industry analysts and others seeking to stay abreast of the growing number of players in the market and industry best practices.

THINKstrategies is committed to continue to expand the target audience and market penetration by creating additional alliances and partnerships, and by aggressively promoting the Cloud Computing Showplace site via e-newsletters, press announcements, award programs and industry events.

In order to encourage maximum traffic to the site and visibility for the Cloud vendors listed on the site, visitors are not required to register to access or traverse the Cloud Computing Showplace. In this way, the Showplace is designed to enable visitors to immediately connect with Cloud vendors of interest.

Site Sponsorships

In keeping with the Site Mission of providing an easy-to-use resource, Cloud Computing Showplace site sponsorship opportunities have been packaged and priced to make it simple for Cloud vendors to select the right option to meet their marketing and sales objectives.

The following sponsorship opportunities and pricing schedules may be modified or enhanced based on website traffic, visitor preferences, and volume of sponsorship requests. THINKstrategies also welcomes suggestions regarding new sponsorship ideas and unique sponsorship program packages.

1.   Homepage Recognition

a.   Cloud Showplace website sponsorships include homepage and e-newsletter recognition, and corporate logo placement with hyperlink to sponsor’s website.

2.   Enhanced Directory Page Visibility

a.   Sponsors may also obtain greater directory page visibility in the following ways,

i.   Hyperlinked Corporate Logo

ii.  Two-Page Strategic Thinking Profiles

iii.  Whitepapers

iv.  Webcasts

v.   Customer Success Stories

3.   Newsletter Recognition – The Showplace newsletter is distributed each month to over 15,000 IT/business decision-makers, IT solution providers, investment firms and press. Sponsors receive recognition in the newsletter, along with links to their sponsored whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts, etc.

4. Online Surveys – The Showplace includes online survey capabilities which can be utilized by sponsors.


Contact THINKstrategies at to discuss any of these sponsorship opportunities.