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Here are the insights from 2011-2015.

2015 Insights

E-Commerce Times: Forces That Will Reshape the IT Landscape in 2016, 12/04/15

SearchCRM: Despite Cloud-Based CRM Success Data Silo Issues Remain, 12/02/15 Turning the Long Tail Around in the IoT, 11/30/15

Cloudnexa Blog: Overcoming Cloud Complexity with a New Breed of Managed Services, 11/23/15 Technology Becomes Pivotal Battleground in 2016, 11/16/15

E-Commerce Times: CFOs Calculate Benefits of Cloud ERP, 11/13/15

SearchCRM: SAP’s Customer Engagement Strategy Could Trump CRM, 11/03/15

SearchCRM: Salesforce’s Foray Into IoT Extends Personalized CRM, 11/02/15

The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce: Who’s Responsible for the Customer Experience (Hint: It’s Not the CMO)? 10/28/15 Tracking the Channel’s Role in IoT and Cloud Opportunities, 10/19/15

E-Commerce Times: Cloud Consulting Acquisitions Accelerate, 10/02/15

SearchAWS: AWS Reliability Outweighs Risk of Cloud Outages, 09/29/15 Launches IoT Cloud – Provides Path to Business Benefits, 09/21/15

E-Commerce Times: SaaS’ Next Wave – Customer Lifetime Value Management, 09/04/15

Datamation: IoT – Time to Get on Board, 08/18/15

E-Commerce Times: GE Blazes Trail to Industrial Internet, 08/14/15

SearchAWS: AWS Poised to Succeed in Evolution of IoT, 08/07/15

E-Commerce Times: Waiting for the Internet of Things, 07/14/15 Five Reasons IoT Isn’t Happening, 07/13/15

SearchAWS: Cloud Computing Definition in Constant Flux, 06/15

E-Commerce Times: Aligning IoT, the Cloud and Digital Transformation Initiatives, 06/12/15 EMC Acquires Virtustream to Offer Enterprise-Class Managed Cloud Services, 05/28/15

SearchAWS: AWS Educate Arms Future Admins With Cloud Skills, 05/21/15

E-Commerce Times: Redesigning Products and Services for the Internet of Things, 05/15/15 Defying the Discipline of Market Leaders via the Cloud, 05/13/15

APMdigest: IoT Ultimate Test for APM – Monitoring Infinite Microservices Demands New Approach to APM, 05/11/15

SearchAWS: Amazon Earnings Numbers Show AWS Success & IaaS Growth, 04/30/15 Navigating the Digital Transformation Process, 04/27/15

All Analytics: Emancipating Big Data: Analytics Via the Cloud, 04/24/15

E-Commerce Times: Shopping for Algorithms and APIs in the Cloud, 04/10/15

Datamation: Why the Time is Right for a Chief IoT Officer, 04/09/15

SearchAWS: Amazon Web Services Confusion Spurs Interest in Managed Cloud Services, 04/09/15 How Arrow Electronics Is Channeling IoT, Big Data and Cloud Opportunities, 03/30/15

Datamation: How IT Will Be Redefined By IoT, 03/17/15 IoT Turning Products into Information Services via the Cloud, 03/15/15

E-Commerce Times: Capitalizing on the Cloud to Transform Your Business via IoT, 03/06/15 Attaining Four Levels of Internet of Things Benefits, 02/17/15

E-Commerce Times: CFOs Open Purse Strings to Accelerate Cloud Adoption, 02/13/15

E-Commerce Times: IT’s 10 Steps to IoT Success, 01/09/15

SearchAWS: Overcoming the Pitfalls of Today’s IaaS Price Wars, 01/07/15

2014 Industry Insights

E-Commerce Times: 2015 – The IoT, Big Data and Cloud Come Together, 12/12/14 Moving IT Solutions Providers to the Cloud, 12/08/14 Building an IoT Marketplace in the Cloud, 11/23/14

Datamation: Survey – Moving to the Cloud Still Ain’t Easy, 11/21/14

E-Commerce Times: Charting the Course for the Channel in the Cloud, 11/14/14

Datamation: Achieving the Promise of the Analytics Cloud, 10/27/14 Dreamforce 2014 – Celebrating the Power of Cloud Partnerships, 10/16/14

E-Commerce Times: Unleashes Cloud Analytics Tidal Wave, 10/14/14 Making the Internet of Things Real in the Cloud, 09/22/14

E-Commerce Times: Monetizing the IoT From A to Z, 09/10/14

SearchAWS: CIA Invests In the AWS Cloud Despite Security Concerns, 09/01/14

InformationWeek: When the Internet of Things Meets Big Data, 08/20/14

Datamation: Leveraging Cloud-Based Analytics to Make IT Smarter, 08/20/14

E-Commerce Times: Joining Forces to Harness the Internet of Things, 08/08/14

InformationWeek: Internet Of Things-4 Areas IT Can Prep, 07/16/14

E-Commerce Times: Here Come the Cloud-Based Big Data Management Services, 07/16/14

SearchAWS: Mitigating the Risks of Cloud Service Outages, 07/15/14 The Internet of Things Standards Wars, 07/15/14 The New Internet of Things VARS, 06/17/14

SafeNet LicensingLive Blog: A New Approach to Software Licensing is Essential in the Internet of Things, 06/10/14

E-Commerce Times: Cloud Providers Profit by Serving Nonprofits, 06/06/14

Datamation: The IoT Consumer to Commercial Crossover, 05/28/14

SearchAWS: AWS Opens Door to a Wider Array of Internet of Things (IoT) Applications, 05/15/14

SearchCloudApplications: SaaS Vendor Evals Make, Break Cloud App Integration Projects, 05/15/14 Partner Ecosystems Key in Internet of Things, 05/13/14

E-Commerce Times: Building an Internet of Things Ecosystem, 05/09/14

Datamation: Global Cloud Deployment Isn’t Easy, 04/21/14

E-Commerce Times: The Cloud’s Long Tail: Industry-Specific SaaS Solutions, 04/11/14

CloudEndure Blog: Re-thinking Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the Age of Big Data and the Cloud, 04/10/14 Everyone Wants into the Internet of Things, 04/07/14

Datamation: Measuring the Value of the Internet of Things, 03/26/14

E-Commerce Times: Complicating the Cloud, 03/14/14

Datamation: Pulling Together the Internet of Things, 03/05/14

Bluenose Blog: Making the Business Case for a SaaS Customer Success Management Solution, 02/18/14

E-Commerce Times: Learning the Business Value of SaaS, 02/14/14

E-Commerce Times: Cloud Powers the Internet of Things, 01/18/14 Selling the Internet of Things, 01/16/14

Datamation: Are You Ready to Become an Internet of Things Hero? 01/14/14

2013 Industry Insights

Cutter Blog: IT to Secure Its Role in Selecting/Implementing Cloud Solutions, 12/20/13

E-Commerce Times: 2014 Looks Bright for Cloud Services, 12/13/13 Changing Cloud Scapes in 2014, 12/10/13 Creates Bigger Cloud Marketplace at Dreamforce, 11/23/13 Creating Profitable Channels in the Cloud, 11/20/13

E-Commerce Times: Boom Time for Corporate Cloud Marketplaces, 11/11/13

BetterCloud Blog: Finding a Better Way to Manage Today’s Cloud, 10/15/13

E-Commerce Times: The Cloud’s Untapped Vein of Gold, 10/11/13

Datamation: Navigating Private Clouds – Three Questions Enterprises Should Ask, 09/25/13

E-Commerce Times: God Loves the Cloud and It’s Time to Get Religion, 09/13/13 SugarCRM Success Reshaping Enterprise Applications, 09/09/13

Datamation: Using Cloud-Based Appstores to Handle Consumerization of IT, 08/15/13

E-Commerce Times: Time for CIOs to Create Cloud-Based App Stores, 08/10/13

InsightCloud Blog: Leveraging a Lifecycle of Professional Services to Navigate Your Cloud Alternatives, 07/22/13

E-Commerce Times: Financial Sector’s Gaze Fixed Firmly on the Cloud, 07/13/13 The True Meaning of the New Alliance: Pragmatism Overtakes Polemics, 07/07/13

Ecommerce Times: Integrating the Enterprise’s Old and New Worlds, 06/15/13

AT&T Networking Exchange: Industry Standards Are Dead, Long Live Industry Standards! 4 Things To Look For When Choosing A Cloud Service Provider, 06/13/13 Productizing Customer Success in the Cloud, 06/03/13

InsightCloud Blog: Exploring Recovery-as-a-Service to Safeguard Against Disasters, 05/30/13 ISV Migration to the Cloud via Managed Services, 05/28/13

Datamation: A New Realism Emerges as Enterprises Move to Cloud, 05/25/13

Sandhill: The Cloud is Shifting Power from Vendors to Channel Partners, 05/20/13

APMdigest: Survey Confirms Customer Preference for Hybrid IT Service Management, 05/20/13

E-Commerce Times: From BI to KPIs to Benchmark Success in the Cloud, 05/10/13

InsightCloud Blog: Leveraging Single Sign-On Solutions to Gain Control of Your Cloud Apps, 04/30/13

AT&T Networking Exchange: Where’s the Value in Private Clouds?, 04/29/13 Data Integration in the Cloud Key to Capitalizing on Big Data, 04/16/13

E-Commerce Times: Using Cloud Analytics to Corral Big Data, 04/12/13

WSJ CIO Journal: Finding Better IT Management Capabilities in the Cloud, 03/25/13 How ISVs Can Cross the Chasm to the Cloud, 03/25/13

E-Commerce Times: IBM’s Big Bet on Cloud Analytics, 03/08/13 Moving from Data Integration to Management in the Cloud, 02/27/13

Internet Evolution: Capitalizing on Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Management, 02/18/13

InformationWeek: Hybrid Cloud Management Is Within Reach, 02/11/13 What Does It Take to Sell Cloud Services to SMBs? 02/09/13

E-Commerce Times: Bringing SaaS to the Masses, 02/08/13

Datamation: Afraid of BYOD? Build Your Own App Store, 01/28/13

E-CommerceTimes: In the Cloud Big Data Scientists Need Not Apply, 01/11/13

Internet Evolution: Fantasy Sports Levels the Playing Fields for Business, 01/09/13

WSJ CIO Journal: Solving Big Data with Fantasy Sports and the Cloud, 01/04/13 Ascending the Cloud Computing Learning Curve, 01/03/13

2012 Industry Insights

Datamation: Getting Ready for Cloud Computing 2013, 12/14/12

E-Commerce Times: The Shape of Cloud Computing to Come in 2013, 12/14/12 Why the Cost of Sales Gap is Shrinking between SaaS and Legacy Software Vendors, 11/26/12

E-Commerce Times: Channeling New Cloud Opportunities, 11/09/12 Channel Opportunities in the Cloud Crystalizing, 11/08/12

Rackspace Blog: Best Practices For Managing Your SaaS Business, 11/08/12

InsightCloud Blog: Dispelling the Myths About Cloud Security, 10/16/12

Data and Storage Management Report: Redefining Data and Storage Management in the Cloud, 10/15/12

E-Commerce Times: The Channel Steps Up to the Cloud, 10/12/12

Datamation: Be Your Own Cloud Marketplace, 10/04/12

Symform Blog:  Game-Changing Moves in the Clouds, 10/01/12 Finding the Right Channel in the Cloud, 09/25/12

APMdigest: The Convergence of APM and Identity Management in the Cloud, 09/24/12

Cordys Blog: Leveraging Cloud-Based Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) to Improve Your Business Processes, 09/24/12

Rackspace Blog: Why Moving to Cloud Is Not All or Nothing, 09/20/12

Insight Blog: Why Source a Cloud Solution Through the Channel? 09/19/12

E-Commerce Times: Navigating the Politics of the Cloud, 09/15/12 Cloud Marketplaces Redefining Channel Relationships, 08/28/12

Rackspace Blog: What Does An Open Cloud Mean For The SaaS Model? 08/23/12

APMdigest: Cloud-Based Analytics Permits Peer-Based IT Management, 08/20/12

E-Commerce Times: SaaS Marketplaces Are Ready to Soar, 08/10/12

Rackspace Blog: Eight Things to Consider When Moving Your SaaS Model to the Cloud, 08/09/12

Rackspace Blog: Worry About Your SaaS, Not Your IaaS, 07/26/12

Symform Blog: The Next Enterprise Wave is Consumerization of Cloud Storage, 07/12

E-Commerce Times: Cisco Systems Stumbles in the Cloud, 07/13/12

APM Digest: The Secret to Application Performance Optimization – It’s All About the Staff Not the Software, 07/11/12

Enterprise Apps Today: Making SaaS Apps Even Better Via Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM), 07/06/12

Internet Evolution: Cloud Services Help Mend Internal IT Rift, 07/03/12

Ec-bg: SAP-Ariba Deal Marks Third Wave of Cloud/SaaS Migration, 06/11/12

E-Commerce Times: Avoiding the Cloud’s Dark Shadow: Needless Costs, 06/08/12

Internet Evolution: Clouds Start Talking, Machine to Machine, 06/07/12 SAP-Ariba Deal Goes Beyond the Cloud, 05/30/12

IT Services Blog: Cloud-Based Analytic Tools Can Improve IT/Application Performance, 05/11/12 

E-Commerce Times: Cloud Management Keys to Success, 05/11/12 Harnessing the Power of Big Data and BI in the Cloud, 04/29/12 Cloud Analytics Opportunities Trump Big Data Challenges, 04/15/12

E-Commerce Times: Look Who’s Going to the Big Data Party, 04/13/12 

Internet Evolution: Face It – Cloud Services Improve IT Management, 04/10/12 

APM Digest: The Democratization of Analytics in the Cloud, 04/05/12

Ec-bp: How the Cloud is Transforming Big Data into Better Corporate Analytics and Business Intelligence, 04/03/12

The IT Pro Blog: Private Cloud Complexities Attract New Consultancies, 04/03/12

Integration Developer News: How the Cloud is Transforming Analytics, Big Data and BI, 03/22/12 

Datamation: The Consumerization of Cloud Analytics, 03/21/12

APM Digest: Analytics at the Center of the Cloud, 03/12/12

E-Commerce Times: No Cloud Apps at Your Company? Don’t Just Blame IT, 03/09/12

Enterprise Apps Today: Using Social Apps to Solve Business Problems, 03/07/12

IT Services Blog: Cloud Brokers Are Today’s New VARs, 02/27/12

Internet Evolution: Clouds Help IT Tackle ‘Chargeback Pushback’ Challenge, 02/27/12

E-Commerce Times: Counting the Cloud’s Blessings, 02/10/12

IT Services Blog: Cloud Services Outperform Traditional Outsourcing, 02/09/12

Datamation: Peer Networking Key in Cloud Computing, 02/07/12

IT Services: Outsourcing Failures Drive More People to the Cloud, 01/20/12

APMdigest: Three Tiers of Analytic Possibilities in the Cloud, 01/14/12

E-Commerce Times: Building Synergistic Alliances in the Clouds, 01/13/12

Internet Evolution: Google Goal for 2012: Changing You, 01/09/12

2011 Insights

Datamation: Forecasting Lots of Clouds in 2012, 12/27/11

IT Services: Moving to the Cloud: You Needn’t Do It Alone, 12/27/11

Internet Evolution: Human Capital Management Heads Cloudward, 12/21/11

Datamation: Cloud Computing: Show Me the Analytics, 12/12/11

E-Commerce Times: Standing Out in the Clouds, 12/09/11

Internet Evolution: Big IT Vendors Try Buying Their Way Into Cloud, 12/06/11

Internet Evolution: Why Google May Not Win in the Enterprise, 11/22/11 Market Implications of’s Acquisition of Model Metrics, 11/16/11 Building Effective Channels in the Cloud, 11/13/11

E-Commerce Times:The Hard Part About Rolling Up Clouds, 11/11/11

ChannelPro Magazine: Finding New Channel Opportunities in the Cloud, 10/26/11

Channel Tech Network: Channels Ascend From Disintermediation to Cloud Industry Darlings, 10/25/11

Datamation: Cloud Computing Vendors: New Channel Alliances Are Critical, 10/21/11

E-Commerce Time: Reinventing Channels in the Cloud, 10/14/11

Internet Evolution: Identity Management Boosts Cloud Benefits, 10/05/11’s New Data Residency Option (DRO) Will Widen Door for Cloud Adoption, 09/19/11

Internet Evolution: Why Tracking Cloud User Behavior Is ‘Plus’, 09/19/11

E-Commerce Times: Dreamforce Takeaway – It’s All About Cloud Channel Strategies, 09/09/11

Datamation: Are You Ready for the Social Enterprise? 09/06/11 HP’s Software Transformation Cloudy without Consumer Channel to Market, 08/21/11 Will Google’s Purchase of Motorola Be a Path to Greater Android Success or Pandora’s Box? 08/15/11

E-Commerce Times: Cloud Channel Strategies at a Crossroads, 08/12/11

Internet Evolution: DoD Embraces Clouds for Work & Warfare, 07/25/11

Datamation: SUBWAY Heads Down the Cloud Computing Highway, 07/21/11

AllAnalytics: How the Cloud Fulfills the Promise of BI/Analytics, 07/11/11

E-Commerce Times: Google’s No Bellwether for Healthcare Cloud Services, 07/08/11

Datamation: Apple’s iCloud – The ‘Music’ of Enterprise IT, 06/22/11

OpenView Labs: The Critical Steps for SaaS Success, 06/15/11

Internet Evolution: Clouds Could Redefine Reseller Role, 06/15/11

E-Commerce Times: Seeing Clouds Everywhere, 06/10/11

Hubspan Blog: Transforming the Supply-Chain in the Cloud, 06/03/11

Internet Evolution: How Clouds Can Transform Enterprise Consulting, 05/18/11

E-Commerce Times: Dell’s Cloud Strategies and Solutions Take Shape, 05/13/11

Hubspan Blog: Catering the Cloud to Various Vertical Markets, 05/09/11

ITworld: Out-Tasking Via the Cloud, 05/04/11

Datamation: The Hazards of Joining the “Cloud Provider” Bandwagon, 04/19/11

Internet Evolution: Google Rains on Cloud Computing’s Parade, 04/19/11

E-Commerce Times:’s Best Shopping Bets, 04/08/11

Datamation: Cloud Computing and ‘Power to the People, 03/29/11

Internet Evolution: Cloud Services M&A Typifies Tech Cycle, 03/29/11

Internet Evolution: Clouds & Social Networking Empower Corporate Training, 03/17/11

E-Commerce Times: Amazon Web Services and the ASP Model Redux, 03/11/11

Datamation: Who Will Move You to the Cloud? 03/09/11

Internet Evolution: Why Cloud Services Are Still Enterprise-Sized, 03/07/11

Internet Evolution: 10 Es of Successful Cloud Services, 02/18/11

E-Commerce Times: Pushing the Cloud From Madison Avenue to Main Street, 02/11/11

Datamation: Capitalizing on Cloud Computing: Not If, But When, 02/08/11

Internet Evolution: End-User Focus Is Key to Success in the Cloud, 02/04/11

Internet Evolution: Bridging the Great Divide in Cloud Computing, 01/28/11

E-Commerce Times: Clouds Go Vertical, 01/14/11

Internet Evolution: Cloud Control Will Be an IT Priority in 2011, 01/12/11

Internet Evolution: Cloud M&A Foreshadows More Activity in 2011, 01/04/11