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“This coming ‘services wave’ will be very disruptive. Services designed to scale to tens or hundreds of millions will dramatically change the nature and cost of solutions deliverable to enterprises or small businesses.”

— From an internal memo from Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, October 30, 2005.

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We believe the Cloud Computing movement was spawned by the success of SaaS, and has enabled organizations to capitalize on Big Data and pursue exciting, new business opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT).

THINKstrategies has published a SaaS Primer for CIOs aimed at helping companies better understand how to utilize this powerful new, ‘on-demand’ software alternative.

“I wanted to compliment you on this document. This was the best write up of the benefits of SaaS I have read yet. It was in laymen terms backed by industry respected analysts with relevant data points. Well done!” Doug McGregor, CEO, WebEquity Solutions.

We have also published a SaaS Primer for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) aimed at helping vendors achieve success.

Click here to hear an overview regarding the forces driving the Cloud Computing market, or here to find more industry presentations by THINKstrategies.

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